simple living tip of the week!

i was geared up to write something about the term “emotional inventory” today, since it’s been something i’ve been mulling over for a while now, but then i realized that this is a simple living blog and i have yet to post anything related to simple living beyond the fact that living simply allows for many meditations. 🙂 so i’d like to present the first of what will be many entries describing simple ways of doing things that i’ve found to be inexpensive and effective in my own life.  you’ve probably read some of these before, but i hope you learn something new as well!

don’t spend money on carpet shampooing.  all you need is water, baking soda, a scrub brush (i used a brush with stiff bristles, like you use to scrub a tub, but it would really depend on your carpet) and a vacuum.

vacuum your carpet to remove excess dirt and debris.  soak it in water (make sure it’s wet but not so wet it damages the floor beneath) and then shake baking soda liberally on the carpet.  put enough on that you can see the baking soda.  scrub with the scrub brush, allow to dry, and then vacuum again to remove the baking soda.

it’s best to do this one patch at a time.  it’s a little time consuming, but it works fabulously.  i did it to remove pet and wine stains in a previous apartment.

happy summer strawberries to you!


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